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Add to favourites Live-In Au pair/ Nanny/Mothers Help/Baby Sitter Required

Registered on 7 May 2018, active in last 2 months

  • Offer posted by: Joy
  • Offer valid till: 31 December 2018
  • Salary: from 120 British pound (GBP) per week
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Type of job: Au pair programme
  • Start date: 1 October 2018
  • Employment period: Up to one year
  • Preferred age: from 16 to 56 years old
  • Active offer

Job description

Live-In Nanny/Au-Pair/Mother's Help required for a lovely family in the United Kingdom, beautiful Scotland; Scotland is rich in culture. There is a mix of country side and city life. 15 minutes by bus to the city centre and lots to explore and do in your free time.

A kind and loving person who is patient and loves kids. Primarily taking care of youngest child 6 years. He goes to school full time so lots of free time to explore the city and nature.

Care type

Child care

  • Boy, 6-12 years old


  • Light housework
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Cooking


  • Salary 120 British pound (GBP) per week

Additional requirements

  • Experience no
  • Non-smoker